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Activate your inner secret knowledge
with new sacred geometry videos

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Immerse yourself with fractal 3D New Sacred geometry of ReXxel

ReXxel Online Video activations are a path to facilitate the remembering of the Perfection we are

All you will see here is new :

new codes, new patterns, new way to go beyond beliefs, schema, process

All design and music are original

All concept and modelisation are original

With these short intense videos clips the purpose is to move from personal development to spirituality or/and energy AND from spirituality to multidimensionality

better with headphones and full screen !

  1. Alignment to Perfection,
  2. Sacred Feminine,
  3. Sacred Masculine,
  4. Inner Portal
  1. DNA UPdate,
  2. REnergetic Geo-Power,
  3. Time-Money,
  4. 24 Masters
  1. Watertight
  2. 48 masters
  3. Dynamic
  4. Chilly
  1. Soon
  2. Soon
  3. Soon
  4. Soon

Remember the Perfection You are !

Self-mastering, Safe-mastering,
Creation and Joy are the main concept of the ReXxel Dimension

Enter Multidimensionality to go beyond personal development and spirituality

  • Shift and raise your energy field in a new way
  • 2 Seasons of 4 energetic ReXxel activations already online
  • 4 more Seasons to come !!!

I have build these course for people that have done mainly everything, and seeking for someting new, powerful, and life shifting


Enter progressively
to your Self-mastering

Go beyond personal development and spirituality

Explore different themes
with our original activations online,

anytime, everywhere

Video activations

4 videos Activations are prepared for each Season

Each season has been done to facilitate your path progressively to :

  • + raise up your vibes,
  • + enhance your awareness,
  • + strenght your capabilty to embrace the differents universes
  • + move to the next level of Yourself

In Your account you will be able to watch unlimited time any of the video you bought during one year

Ripple effects are often instant, an average of 7 days or less to observe life changing has been … observed

Stepping into the future of meditation

ReXxel Activation is stepping into the future of meditation and entering our own multidimensionality
These online courses are original, unique, unseen, impressive and instantly efficient
as a life-changing beautiful experience.

Multidimensionality means you’ve done the beautiful Personal development, moved into Spirituality or energy awareness and now…you want to go beyond…
This is the multidimensional field of ReXxel.
ReXxel Process facilitates entering multidimensionality through an awesome set of new Geometries.

Experience Yourself through intense, short, transformative videos.

Activations facilitate letting go of previous old beliefs, schemas and old paradigms.
Activations allow you to safely enter the present moment, to embrace yourself within your Original Being and create a beautiful future… in this moment.

ReXxel Dimension is providing the codes
to remember who you are

Choose your own rythm
but follow the sequences

Moira Buldini

Energetic Activator

ReXxel Dimension is a versatile pioneering model for the exploration of our flow of abundance. It’s a life changing Visual Activation Source Codes Videos that awaken and unlock our inner sacred knowledge. I have a great love for visual Arts which stimulate our soul through shapes and vibrant colors. ReXxel Multidimensionality brings a higher insight and understanding through the resonance of sacred Geometry. The ReXxel activations are a key for everyone who wants to shift their reality to the New Earth experience. www.blueprint-of-creation.com

Barbara Keenan Loster

Energetic Activator

My life's journey has taken me to this point in time to create, reconnect and expand through ReXxel video activations. The activations have brought clarity and allow old paradigms to fall apart. I am aligned within my Original being of Perfection


Energetic activator

After watching the 1st 6 REXXEL activation videos, I am in a much calmer space with general life chaos and with my perspective on the people around me. People that used to annoy me I now have compassion for. Also the I've noticed that in my medium sessions with clients, I am much more in tune and able to access more for them than I could before. I also have a clearer perspective about my life purpose and how to fulfill it unapologetically without allowing distractions to hinder my journey. Rexxel has made a huge difference in the way I see, feel and perceive myself and the world I live in. I am less anxious about making changes in my life and can observe my emotions while feeling them. I am looking forward to the possibilities when I watch the next videos. Joy Lucinda

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